Bringilcott is Gnomish for “Shadow of the Mountain”, named for it’s proximity to the Northern Mountains.

This small village is located near the Northern Mountain Range just off the coast of the Northern Bettic Ocean. Bringilcott is in the unfortunate position between a Mountain Goblin cave of the Y’taz clan and the Orc stronghold of Borkun. Being that the Bringilcott Gnomes are rather wise, they entered into an agreement with the Orcs to recieve protection from the Goblins in trade for Brial (a wood alcohol that Gnomes use for cleaning, but Orcs use to imbibe). The Brial production gives the Borkun Orcs very little reason to allow the Bringilcottians to come to harm, making the Gnomes as close to friendly as anyone could be with an Orc tribe.

The Gnomes do have a militia for Goblins that make it past the Orc patrols, but would be quickly overwhelmed by a full Y’taz invasion. Fortunately the Borkun patrols have been sufficient at this point to keep the Goblins desire for Gnome meat at bay.

Bringilcott subsists on farming and fishing as well as trade in rare local herbs and surplus Brial (as a cleaning solution) that they caravan to Mistvale, Gricksdam and other smaller villages en route. Bringilcott Commons is an inn that caters to all sizes of people such as Human, Elf, Halfling and even has an Orc bed that is often used to house the Borkun Orc chieftan, Bok. The inn is sometimes used by travelers going to Mistvale from places to the South.

It should be noted that Brial is lethal for most other races to ingest, with the possible exception of Dwarves.


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