Centuries ago, nearly all of Dajur was united a single king called Raab the Bold. Once his conquest of the continent was complete, King Raab began construction of the capital city that would be his seat of power. He also dismissed his harem except for one girl claimed as a warbride. Nine months later the young queen died giving birth to a baby girl; the newborn did not survive the night.

King Raab disappeared into his chambers for a full fortnight, and when he emerged, he was a changed man. Gone was the reckless and combative temperament that had established his reputation in war. Henceforth he would be known as a quiet, contemplative man of wisdom and peace. His first announcement was that the city would be christened Eponnia. It was rumored that Eponnia would have been the name of the baby princess had she survived.

The city of Eponnia grew quickly and under King Raab’s stewardship became a truly glorious urban center. By the time the king had reached old age, the city was home to the finest craftsmen in the land, several awe-inspiring temples to various gods, and an Arcane University rapidly growing in prestige. Eponnia became synonymous with wealth, knowledge, strength and beauty.

King Raab eventually remarried and produced a legitimate line of succession, but perhpas because the line began out of duty rather than passion it was not able to survive beyond seven generations. Power changed hands and Eponnia began to lose some of its luster. Eventually the king in Eponnia was king of Eponnia only, as the rest of the continent broke apart into various lordships and free cities.

Today Eponnia is still an orderly, fully functioning city and features some of the most breathtaking architecture of ages past, but its population has dwindled significantly. It is a gray reflection of its former shining glories.


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