Gnomes can be found in villages throughout Dajur. The largest population in Dajur is the woodland Gnomes of Garamawl located in the forest nearest to Eponnia, there are thousands of Gnomes living in treehouse style homes in the forest canopy. A few of the more moderate settlements are Bringilcott, near the Northern Mountains, Fawgilholn, on the southeast edge of the Electrum Sea, and Markesett, on the coast of the southwestern jungle, each with populations from a few hundred to less then a thousand.


Gnomes are known tricksters, they will often prank each other to show friendship, resolve differences and even for courtship. Some particularly intricate Gnome pranks have gone on long enough to become Dajur mythology. For instance, it is widely believed by the Gnomes of Markesett, and even be a few other local races, that there is a sunken city of Orcs in the Bay of Trohan called “Orclantis”.

Gnomes light hearted nature gives them interesting outlook on life. Gnomes will only continue to do something while it is enjoyable and meaningful to them. This often means that Gnomes will make life changes, such as career choice, worship and even marital status in a seemingly whimsical manner. While this may, at first, make it seem as if Gnomes are uncommitted or disloyal, they are, in fact, passionate and fiercely loyal to those things and people that they care for.


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