Gricksdam is a medium-sized city located in the center of Dajur. It lies beside Lake Sylt, with portions of the city standing on land reclaimed from the lake when its western side was dammed centuries ago.

The dam itself gives the city its name. A masterwork of dwarven engineering, its face is engraved with two giant mirror images of a rearing grick, the sigil of Lord Katallum.

The Duskrush River flows west from Lake Sylt to the city of Port Yarilla on the ocean. Most of the city lies north of the river, excepting the yards where rivercraft are built and docked on the south side. Inland travelers heading to Port Yarilla often make their way to Gricksdam by land and proceed via the Duskrush from there.

Order in Gricksdam is maintained by a sheriff and a constabulary force; they are also responsible for defense of the city should it come under attack. Law itself in the city is officially set by Lord Katallum.


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