Jungle Elves

The elves of the southwestern jungles of Dajur are extremely similar physically to their cousins of the northern forests, but millennia of separation have yielded a different cultural expression. Jungle elves appreciate beauty as much as forest elves, but that appreciation manifests in much more visceral ways.

Some may mistakenly believe the jungle elves to be ignorant savages, but in truth they are very intelligent, and devote themselves to hedonism deliberately and in ways that are personally meaningful, mindful and satisfying. Jungle elves revel in their bodies and enjoy physical labors, athletic competitions, and pleasures of the flesh such as food, wine, dancing and the other arts of love. As a rule they prefer colors to be bright, music to be loud and fast, and every experience to be intense.

As a result, many jungle elves lead lives filled with adventure and, more often than not, conflict. Jungle elves who are content to wrestle ankhegs or race across the leafy canopies happily do so, but others are compelled to leave the jungles and seek out experiences amidst other cultures. Because jungle elves are accustomed to taking what they want, outside of the jungle they often become bandits or pirates, raiding merchant caravans of the southern plains or harrying ships in the Bay of Trohan. Many jungle elves spend time in the city of Cawarton but very few settle there permanently, preferring to binge on the rich flavors of the city in short bursts followed by more adventures in the wider world.

An huge elvish city is said to exist in the deepest heart of the jungles, but its name and exact location are unknown, if in fact it is anything more than a myth.

Jungle Elves

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