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Dajur is the Common name of the continent where the story begins. Some of the major human cities of Dajur include Port Yarilla, Eponnia, Cawarton, Xish, Mistvale, and Gricksdam.

Smaller villages include Bringilcott (gnomish) and Finnail (elvish/human).


Humans are the dominant race of Dajur, and are located throughout the continent in all environs.

Dwarves are concentrated mainly in the mountainous northeast. Elves primarily occupy the western half of the continent, in the deep forests and jungles. Gnomes and halflings are scattered across the temperate central regions of Dajur. Individual demi-humans can of course be found in locations other than their typical homelands, alongside or fully integrated into human communities.

Goblinoids live mostly in the east, but also range far afield according to need, preying as bandits on human and demi-human settlements and also acting as mercenaries in the service of evil.

Other sub-humans, monsters and aberrations are also found in diverse locales. Notably, there are dragons on Dajur, but their lairs are secret and remote.

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Many religions co-exist throughout Dajur, with preference for one pantheon or another based on local tradition, racial heritage, and so on. Believers or followers of certain gods or goddesses may be dismissive of different pantheons, but open hostility and conflict between religions is rare.

Equally rare are large-scale religious organizations. Most temples and monasteries operate independently, even if devoted to the same deity. Church authority tens to be highly localized.

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