The Igbabo

While it is difficult to say that any of the immortal gods and goddesses are older or younger than any others, it is widely known that the Igbabo deities are among the longest-worshipped in all of Dajur. Their veneration is the most widespread, reaching every corner of the continent, and their historical presence is indisputed, from temples in the most antiquated ruins to references in epic songs that have been passed down through the generations for millennia.

The Igbabo are animalistic gods embodying aspects of various beasts. Rather than resembling specific creatures, the Igbabo are all-encompassing archetypes:

  • the goddess of birds and flying creatures
  • the twins, god of meat-eating mammals and goddess of plant-eating mammals
  • the god of sea creatures
  • the god of dragons and other reptiles
  • the god of insects, spiders and other lesser beasts

The names above are rendered in Common, but the Igbabo are worshipped by many races, both humanoid and goblinoid, and thus have many names.

The Igbabo

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