Xish is a small city noteworthy mainly for its location. The city of Xish may in fact seem larger than it is, due to the fact that there are no other cities, or even villages, within a hundred leagues of its borders.

Xish is situated in the southern badlands of Dajur, near the edge of the Great Southern Desert, and close enough to the coast of the Southern Bettic Ocean to be considered reachable by merchant ships. Traders who wish to obtain the rarest minerals, plants and animal goods indigenous to the Great Southern Desert often visit Xish, the closest civilized point to those materials’ source.

Xish was originally simply the site of a monastery operated by an ascetic cult seeking proximity to the desert which figured prominently in their rituals of purification. The monastery and the cult still exist to this day, and the monks mainly keep to themselves, although they have been known to defend the non-monastery portions of the city from would-be aggressors.

The city that grew up around the monastery is dominated by a multi-street bazaar. Not all entrepreneurs who have attempted to make their fortune in Xish have succeeded, but those who are able to work with the monks and find a niche in the economy are often prosperous. The monks periodically venture deep into the desert and return with exotic

materials; the local businesses trade essential goods to the monastery for the desert treasures; the local businesses then sell the desert goods to visiting merchants for profit. Most of the buildings surrounding the monastery grounds are combinations of storefronts and living quarters.

On the outskirts of the city are non-business residences. The relative isolation of Xish attracts many individuals who simply wish to distance themselves from their old lives, or from the majority of civilization in general.


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